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    NUC6i3SYH Wake on LAN with USB power


      Hello. I have NUC6i3SYH, with a bios bug.

      For some reason, when i turn off Wake on LAN option, USB S4/S5 Power and Wake on USB from S5 refuses to work.

      Can you fix that, so "Wake on LAN" would not interfere with USB power/wake on all NUC's?


      Thank you.


      My settings are:

      1. Fast boot in Windows - Off.

      2. Power Sense - On.

      3. Deep S4/S5 - Off.

      4. Wake From S3 via CIR - On.

      5. Wake from S4 and S5 via CIR - On.

      6. USB S4/S5 Power - On.

      7. Wake on USB from S5 - On.

      8. Wake on LAN from S4/S5 - Stay Off.


      Note: If Wake on LAN is - "Power On - Normal boot", USB power/wake starts to work.

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