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    i7-6500u SST disabled


      I have an I7-6500u in a HP spectre 15-ap004na


      I am on windows 10 enterprise version 1607


      I am of the understanding that the speedshift technology should be available and enabled on this combination.


      However in HWINFO it is in red (which i think means available but not enabled)


      I cannot see anyway to turn this feature on.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello The_seraphim,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          The option is normally located on the BIOS, depending on the motherboard you are using and how your system was built, the Intel® speed shift technology is available on 6 generation processors but this also depends on your computer manufacturer if they decide to enable or disable this option.
          At this point, I suggest you to contact you computer manufacturer and find out if this option can be enabled on your system BIOS, you can check with them if there is a BIOS update that can help enable this option on your system.
          Please let me know how it goes.
          Best regards,