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    Intel NUC 6i5SYK doesn't boot




      I'm facing some problems with my 1 year old Intel NUC. I use this device as main computer since I bought it, and today it stopped working. I'm trying to turn on the NUC, but it doesn't send any signal to the components attached to it, i can't see anything on the display and the keyboard LEDs are off. When I press the power button on the NUC, the blue led is on for a second, then gets off for about four seconds, and then gets on again permanently in blue light. But it doesn't send any signal to other devices... I think it's not booting.


      I checked the display by plugin a laptop to it, and it's perfectly fine (display cable is ok). I tried to remove both RAM and SSD and place it again on the NUC, but it still not working... any help in order to find out the problem here?


      Thank you so much!