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    How to Use Bitlocker with NUC7i7


      Setting up a new NUC7i7 for use at work and the bitlocker encryption fails telling me there is no TMP module or it has  not been claimed. Something to that effect.  Checking the specs and reading some forum questions there is no TPM in this NUM however there is PTT along with AES instructions in the processor such that the TPM is in the processor or that with the PTT in the bios works as TPM does/did.  There are quotes from Intel saying Bitlocker will work with PTT.


      There seemed to be some bios issues in previous generations of the NUC but I have seen no mention of this issue with this version.  So I am hoping it is just a lack of documentation.


      Please, how do I setup the BIOS for bitlocker and what do I then need to do on the OS side.


      Thanks for any help or insight!