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    High cpu% on new i7 7700k


      Alright, so I am having a HUGE problem with my new build. I recently put together a new comp with the specs as follows: mb: AORUS z270X-Gaming K7 CPU: i7 7700k GPU: GTX 1080 Mem: 16gb gskill liquid cooler: h100i v2. When I first bought my build I actually had a GTX 1070 but I had the issue which I still am currently dealing with (but at the time I just thought I had received a bad GPU) so I replaced it with a 1080.


      Whenever I am playing Playerunkown battleground with all settings on ultra, except view distance on high and foilage on very low with no other programs open I run smoothly at about 30-50 fps. If I open up twitch and teamspeak while playing the game on the other hand my fps will drop to single digit numbers... even when changing all the graphics to low. With task manager open pubg takes anywhere from 40-70% of my cpu, while small programs such as teamspeak and google (for twitch) take up to 8-10%. I thought when I bought a i7 7700k I would be able to accomplish multi-tasking in this manner.


      Furthermore, note that all temperatures remain within limitations (usually under 50-60c) I've ran a mem test, which passed. I've ran prime95, which passed, I've changed my gpu (and uninstalled reinstalled drivers a billion times), I've ordered a new psu (not here yet and I really don't think this would effect my fps or high cpu% in anyway)... I really don't know what else to do besides send the i7 back and hope it was defective.


      p.s I've also played games like "LoL" where I would experience the same fps drops under the same conditions (and we all know how hard that game is on you pc..xD)


      Please Help!!

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          I had 4790K. I could open 6 tabs with YT videos in chrome (20% usage cpu) and play games, record them...I saw 7700K benchmarks and thought - new CPU - more Hz - I want it !

          I have 1 now...1 week of struggling and nightmares...

          Have Gigabyte Z270X (F6 bios) Ultra Gaming. Default settings. CPU temps jumping on start - fine, common problem...but... I can't do anything ! My cooler is going crazy (EVGA ACX). Opening 1 tab in Chrome is 80-100% usage of CPU! 4 x 4.5 GHz ! What the hell...? Where is the performance? Power? I bought K version because wanted to have 4.5 GHz without OC...but this CPU acts like 2 x 500MHz....... how is that possible?

          Have 16 GB RAM 2133MHz (fully compatible with mobo).

          I think it's a shame. Can I get my money back Intel?

          I've run Intel Diagnostics Tools - Tests - passed ! But can't watch 1080p video on YT without shuttering....... terrible hardware.

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            Ask for a replacement, if the new CPU will act the same,

            Refund it while you still can, don't repeat our mistakes!!

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              I can't refund it... but I can replace it, I'm sending it in tomorrow, wish me luck!

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                Same thing.

                I'm soooo upset, that I can't refund this....thing.


                Good luck!

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                  I would running something in the background to monitor your CPU usage.


                  If you have this issue in multiple games then it is a problem with your system. If that is the case we will have to slowly start narrowing down possible causes.


                  A few things. I did not see mention of what PSU you are using. So if you could provide that it would help. I am also curious as to your connection speed down/upload speeds. Are you playing in windows, fullscreen, etc?


                  When you say running twitch do you mean for streaming? If you are streaming are you using the built in encoder inside your 1080? If not make sure you are using it and not your CPU.

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                    I do have the corsair link up monitoring everything. It happens with every game, not just one. I'm using a corsair bronze 750w... I am upgrading to a evga 1000w but that should not cause any issue. I have 250 dl and 12 up. I play on 1920x1080 with recommended graphic settings. I do stream, but i am referring to just watching a stream.

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                      Intel Corporation
                      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                      Hello all,

                      Thank you for contacting the Intel community.

                      I’m sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused to you all, at this point; if you wish to get a replacement for the unit you can contact support to get a replacement. You can create an online service request or you can do live chat.

                      If the issue continues after the replacement please let me know to further investigate for you. We also recommend to have your system up to date and you motherboard BIOS.

                      I also sent you a private message.



                      Also I appreciate if you could attach the system information, you can use the Intel SSU (System Support Utility) (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility): 

                      Download Intel® System Support Utility

                      1. Download the utility
                      2. Run the exe and select ‘Scan’
                      3. Save and include as an attachment in the Intel Community Forum




                      Best regards,


                      Ivan U.

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                        Hey Ivan,


                        I have already started the process to get a replacement through Newegg, with that being said I can not do the scan for you and post my results because I have my old hardware reinstalled. I will let you know however that my system was up to date and I was running the most up to bios configuration (I reformatted, uninstalled and reinstalled every driver you can think of at least 2 times).


                        Thanks for your feedback and I'll keep you updated when I get the new processor  (I have to wait till they get the old one for them to send a new one   ).