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    Garbled video/computer crash on battery only


      A couple of years ago I started getting garbled video randomly on battery only. (Similar to this Dell XPS 13 L322x freezing/crashing locks up on battery - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Community). The computer becomes completely unresponsive when this happens, and requires a full restart. This does not appear to be solely a heat issue, as it can happen when I'm running Word and nothing else.


      I'm running a Dell XPS 13 L322x, 3rd gen i7, HD graphics 4000. I have the latest HD driver installed (as per Intel, and not Dell).


      What I've tried:


      This issue doesn't seem to be isolated to this model - ThinkPad T430 (Intel HD 4000) screen flickering + freezes/crashes - Lenovo Community

      Nor this video card (maybe?) - Intel HD Graphics display refresh problem??


      It could be the VGA on the motherboard, however, a user here (Dell XPS 13 Screen Garbled Flickering Problem (L322X) - YouTube ) claimed they replaced the motherboard and still had the same issue.




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello EchoCharlie,

          Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

          I am sorry to hear you are having video issues with your system.

          Have you tried connecting an external monitor to see if the problem persists?
          Have you tried contacting the OEM to see if there is any solution to this behavior?
          This seems to be related to configuration because the problem should persist whether the system is connected to AC or running on battery only, if not, then I would recommend contacting Dell for support as it could be also related to a hardware issue.

          I hope to hear from you soon.

          Best Regards,
          Juan V

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            Hi Juan,


            The problem persists with an external monitor attached.

            I have not contacted Dell directly, but have been following other boards that have reported the same issue (which also have not been resolved). As I mentioned in my post, I don't believe this is solely a Dell-isolated issue, as others have reported similar issues with the same video card and non-Dell computers.


            I should mention that I was unsuccessful at updating the registry to disable the refresh rate change.

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              Hello EchoCharlie,


              Thank you for the information.


              We at Intel do not recommend modifying the Windows registry at any moment, this is because it may cause problems with the operating system and the way the driver should interact with the hardware on the computer.


              At this moment, my best recommendation is to contact Dell because you have had this issue for over two years and there have been several graphics driver releases during this time, and this should have been issued by now. It is very unlikely the issue to be related to the graphics driver.


              Best Regards,