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    A problem : using SPI_1 interface in Zephyr


      Hi :


      I'm try the SPI interface with Quark C1000 CRB and used Zephyr 1.7.0.

      I had reference LSM9DS0 SPI sample code to modify a testing code.

      The test code use SPI_0 to read/write register of a LoRa chip is workable.

      But when I change the interface to SPI_1, it can't read/write via SPI_1.

      Does any special setting need to do when use SPI_1 interface in Zephyr?


      my code :

      void main(void)


        struct spi_config config = { 0 };

        //struct device *spi_mst_1 = device_get_binding("SPI_0");   // workable, can read REG from SPI_0

        struct device *spi_mst_1 = device_get_binding("SPI_1");     // can't work, the result always 0x00 from SPI_1

        uint8_t id;

        int err;

        printk("SPI Example application\n");

        if (!spi_mst_1)


        config.config = SPI_MODE_CPOL | SPI_MODE_CPHA | SPI_WORD(16);

        config.max_sys_freq = 256;

        err = spi_configure(spi_mst_1, &config);

        if (err) {

        printk("Could not configure SPI device\n");



        err = spi_slave_select(spi_mst_1, 1);

        if (err) {

        printk("Could not select SPI slave\n");



        id = sx1276_read_version(spi_mst_1,SX1276_RegVersion);

        printk("SX1276 REG Version: 0x%x\n", id);


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          Hi ,


          Your code looks ok - can you just confirm your pin connection


          Quark SE Devboard   
          LSM9DS0 pin SPI 0     SPI 1          
          VIN         VDD_HDR_3P3        VDD_HDR_3P3        
          CS_G        AP_GPIO24_SPI0_M_CS0_N AP_GPIO11_SPI1_M_CS0_N            
          CS_XM       VDD_HDR_3P3        VDD_HDR_3P3      
          SCL         AP_GPIO21_SPI0_M_SCK  AP_GPIO8_SPI1_M_SCK            
          SDO_G       AP_GPIO22_SPI0_M_MISOAP_GPIO9_SPI1_M_MISO          
          SDO_XM      Ground             Ground        
          SDA         AP_GPIO23_SPI0_M_MOSI  AP_GPIO10_SPI1_M_MOSI           
          GND         Ground             Ground      


          If you look at the C1000 Platform User Guide you will see that some of the SPI1 signals are reserved on the CRB (for the 802.15.4 Radio Module) so you will need to consult the platform schematic if you need to use these signals.






          -- Michelle.

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            Hi Michelle :

            After reference your answer, I check the Kconfig.defconfig( Quark C1000 CRB). (<project>/zephyr/board/x86/quark_se_c1000_devboard/Kconfig.defconfig)

            This file  set the SPI_1 parameters.


            In my prj.conf, I didn't use IEEE802154_CC2520. So, I modify the Kconfig.defconfig

            and mark two line : 49 and 88.

            Kconfig.defconfig :

            line 49 --> #if IEEE802154_CC2520_LEGACY || IEEE802154_CC2520 || IEEE802154_CC2520_RAW

            line 88 --> #endif # IEEE802154_CC2520_LEGACY || IEEE802154_CC2520 || IEEE802154_CC2520_RAW


            After modfiy the file, I rebuild project, then the SPI_1 interface could workable.