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    Dillema between i7 7700k or i7 6800k?


      Hi guys,


      I'm slowly building a workstation PC for architectural 3d renderings (3ds Max, Autodesk Revit), CAD programs (AutoCAD), and Adobe Package (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and I can't choose between the i7 7700K processor or the i7 6800k processor.

      I should add that sometimes but rarely I like to play a game or two just to relax.
      I've seen some comparison videos on youtube, when it comes to FPS in games or the time it takes to render something,

      Now, the differences in FPS in games were quite different where the 7700K was quite dominant when comparing it to the 6800k, but in the rendering time the differences were maybe minimal.


      I would like to hear your recommendation and suggestions.


      With kindest Regards,


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          I think you should go for a 6+ core CPU for your tasks.

          Games will still run fine, but you'll have better performance in "work".

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            Links, thanks, but how much is the difference in the ''work'' bench between these two? difference in only few minutes?
            Also, the i7 7700k has a higher frequency rate, doesn't that ballance the workflow at the end?

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              There is always a few seconds difference).

              You don't compare 7700k with pentium 4, right?)


              According to Aida64 CPU Photoworxx test

              I7 7700k @ 4,8Ghz is mached with 6850k @ 3,6Ghz.


              So you can see, that 4*4,8 = 6*3.6 ( something near)


              CPU Queen test shows that 5820k @ 3,3Ghz gets the same score as 7700k @ 4,8Ghz.

              But 6850k @ 3,6Ghz (and 4930k @ 3,4Ghz)  is ~15-20% faster.


              Other CPU test show, that 7700k @ 4,8Ghz is in the middle of the list with 6 core stock clocks CPUs.

              If you OC the 6 core CPU a bit, I think they will outperform the 7700k.


              But that is legit with multi-core tasks.

              If situation will demand single core power - 7700k will be the winner for sure.