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    Access Point / Hotspot


      So I recently got a new board and flashed it with the latest Yocto image. I have connected to the serial port with my computer and am using PUTTY to access the device.


      However, I can't seem to figure out how to make Edison function as an access point. I have accomplished this before, but I can't remember what steps I took.


      Here's what I tried:


      systemctl disable wpa_supplicant

      systemctl enable hostapd

      ifconfig usb0 down (based on this: Edison WiFi woes)



      I've also tried the "hold the power button down for 4 seconds" trick and the "configure_edison --enableOneTimeSetup" (from here: IoT - Getting started with Access Point (AP) Mode for the Intel® Edison board | Intel® Software ).


      Still no dice. When I use my smartphone to attempt to access this network, it says it's authenticating, but no IP address is assigned and no connection is made.