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    Are these different product/model codes for i7 7700K legit?


      Hey there Intel community!

      I have a dillema


      Soon I'll be buying a new processor to build my new workstation pc, and for that I've chosen the Inel I7 7700K processor,
      I've searched for some different retailers, computer stores, and I've found 2 different i7 7700K processors, ofcourse different in their model/product codes
      as we know, the most common code for the i7 7700k processor is > BX80677I77700KSR33A < this code, but I have found another 7700K processor with a HALO WARS 2 bundle with the same price with this code: > HD80677I77700K <. 

      I have ordered the 2nd one, with the game bundle, but I'm afraid I wont get the same product or an unoriginal.
      Am I wrong?


      with kindest regards,