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    Windows (Phone and PC) Client missing




      I see the question has been asked before (Windows phone client für Remote Keyboard). It is marked as supposed to be answered. But the matter of fact is, the question is not answered. And the question is neither complicated nor would I think it is unjustified. Given the server portion of Remote Keyboard is Windows Software (it exists, it has been written), it cannot be that hard at all to provide a Windows Client to it (all code for it must exist already). And I mean both a client for Windows Phone and a Windows Tablet / Laptop would be more than justified.


      Additionally as I discovered recently Windows Remote Desktop does not work on the Win 10 Home version on Intel Compute Stick. It works only in the Pro versions. So any one viable / workable solution would be required for users in a Windows only world to remotely control the thing. After all we are folks who bought the Intel product in the first place.


      Hoping for a anwer