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    Optane Memory Fix


      ok for the kids and adults alike out there that have bought optane and keep getting the errors im here to explain how to make it work. i have spent the last 5 days figuring this out and it works like a champ im very impressed what optane can do for a 1tb hdd. ok please be very careful of the steps and what you do.


      STEP ONE: reinstall windows under UEFI ONLY, just as if you are installing for a raid array. for those that dont know what this means here is an explanation. install your windows boot disk onto a thumb drive, or memory stick or w/e ya wanna call it . reboot into bio or restart and hit F11  untill you get a boot priority screen. now for example if you are using a Kingston 16gb memory stick you will have 2 options.

      1: boot into kingston hyper x fury drive D or any letter at the end is gonne be wrong choice.

      2  boot into kingston hyper x UEFI only and install windows.


      choose option 2 lol


      STEP TWO: update windows completely before you install anything else.

      STEP THREE: go to your MOTHERBOARDS support website and down load and install the newest OPTANE memory file. some offer 2 options. one is basically a manual mode and one most have to offer is a one click install which changes bios settings for you . follow the instructions and let the system do the reboots as it needs to. now you will reboot into windows and the optane memory program will take over and ask you if you want to let it do its thing, if u see this screen u need not go any further u have successfully installed optane and can go have fun now. if you do not see this screen or the program will not execute or you get an error move onto the next step.


      STEP 4: here is where we need to manually fix windows to make optane work. if you cant boot into windows at this point , put your windows installer boot media back into where it was and reboot. once the Windows installer starts wait until you get the the choose a drive screen. Now push left shift + F10 and it will bring up a command window.

      enter this text

      " diskpart "

      and then

      " list disk " or

      " list disks "


      at this point it will bring up a list of the disks, 0,1 2 etc if u have more than one i suggest u unplug all disks except for the one you are installing windows on and restart and come back to step 4


      after typing listdisk TYPE IN

      "select disk X"

      x being the number of the disc in the list u want to install windows on, replace x with that disc number and hit enter

      next type in

      " list partitions "



      under partitions find the 500mb ish windows recovery partition and then TYPE IN

      " select partition x "

      replace the x with the partition number on your screen that windows recovery is on

      next type in

      " delete partition override "


      this will delete the windows recovery partition and allow optane to begin working. ok next we want to finish reinstalling windows and apply all windows updates. go to your mother boards website under support and download the optane driver file and install it. once installed it will reboot enter into bios on this reboot and follow the next steps.



      when you log into bios you will notice that the optane memory is now showing on the list of drives.


      STEP 5 : go to advanced settings and go to storage drive or w/e it might say

      make sure intel RST raid is enabled. and also under it make sure UEFI is enabled. make sure your M.2 slot your optane module is made remapping enabled.


      STEP 6 : click on top of your bios screen where it says boot and scroll down on that page until you reach CMS, now disable CMS. now CLICK F10 save and exit into windows and enjoy optane.



      heres my 1tb WD drive lol this stuff cracks me up man intel is the SHIZZZZZ



      14 second boot time  with a $50 hdd lol its insane XD




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello OuttaMyWay,

          Thank you for taking the time to write this great post. Hopefully it will reach many users and help clear up some doubts and issues before they happen.

          Please bear in mind that because of the way that Optane™ works (it optimizes files and programs based on usage), proper benchmarking can be tricky. Our recommendation is to run the benchmarking tool at least three to four times so that you may get more accurate results on the last run.

          We hope you enjoy your Intel® Optane™ Memory, and again, thank you for posting.

          Best regards,
          Carlos A.

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            i just hope i wrote clearly enough for all to understand and that it helps them. optane is a very great piece of technology .and thank you carlos.

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              Thank you for the long wriiteup which is awesome by the way !. Im a noob here. Is it possiible to do this without a windows reinstall. I had actually installed my windows long before usinng USB itself and i do have a 500 mb partition (recovery). If i go ahead and do the step 4 , will i lose my windows?. Is it really necessary that i reinstall my windows and format that drive?.. please help. Im at this for the past 2 days no thanks to intel support.

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                Intel Corporation
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                Hello NishanthFX,

                A clean OS installation is still the recommended way to switch from a legacy to an UEFI installation. However, so long as you have Windows® 10 Creators Update (or newer build), you should be able to convert your OS using the new MBR2GPT Disk Conversion Tool.

                Note: This sometimes fails. If it fails, nothing should happen, but we always recommend backing up any important data to be safe.

                Shifting from BIOS to UEFI with the Windows 10 Creators Update MBR2GPT disk conversion tool - by Microsoft Mechanics* on youtube.com

                On a side note, we noticed that your boot drive is highly partitioned. While system acceleration should work for you, we cannot guarantee it will be an optimal setup.

                Best regards,
                Carlos A.

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                  Thank You, Carlos, for the help. I will try this today and return with answers. i din realize that this partitioning wasn't optimal. How can i get the most out of my drive?(i mean how to partition it optimally for best results with optane?)

                  Also a quick question, I'm planning to buy another 2 tb drive. Can optane work with raid setup and speed it up much further?

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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Hi NishanthFX,

                    In order to answer the first question, the Optane™ Module is not affected due to the partitions you on your drive so we do not have like a specific configuration for that. 

                    Regarding the RAID concern, Optane™ only accelerates the boot drive and does not support RAID configurations with secondary drives. 

                    Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Optane™ Memory - Intel.com 

                    Junior M.

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                      Thank You for the insight again.. will optane work better with an SSHD or a normal HDD as im planning to buy a 2 tb drive.

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Hi NishanthFX

                        Thanks for the reply. 

                        We would like you to know that the Optane™ Module only works with the SATA boot drive. It does not matter if you have an SSHD or an HDD, Optane™ will accelerate both drives equally.

                        Junior M.