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    Kabylake driver for USB


      Hi everyone.


      I was thinking about asking in the "Network and I/O" section, since this seems to be an I/O driver issue, but the only subthreads there were about wired and wireless interest. So I posted it here.


      I am trying to install Windows 7 on a Laptop that has a kaby lake processor. In particular, an E5 575g Assus Laptop.


      The thing is, I know that win 7 is not supported. But, I was able to get every other driver working. This is the one last thing.

      I need a driver to make USB of any kind (2.0 would be enough) work. Is there any legacy driver, any general driver, any edits etc. one can do?


      Anyone having any ideas?


      Btw. I think I need to get an I/O driver from the CPU manufacturer (i.e. Intel) for that right? Or is the USB maybe just specific to the Motherboard? (don't think so, but I thought I would ask).





      EDIT: I found it, so I thought I would mention it, in case someone else needs it.


      Go to Download Windows 7* USB 3.0 Creator Utility

      Than, download the windows 7 file.


      Unzip it. There are 2 .inf files under USB_driver\x64.


      Go to device manager and click update driver, browse my computer for drivers, let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, have disk. Install iusb3xhc first. I got a new USB entry, and a new unknown device. Go to unknown device and install driver, than browse my computer, than let me pick. This time, one has to first pick the device. Pick the USB entry (at the bottom) and again click on I have disk. Now choose the second i.e. iusb3hub.



      You might get more unknown devices, bus USB does not work. No matter. Just restart the PC. Everything, including the USB works now. At least for me.


      OF COURSE, I take no responsibility for anything. Make backups etc.