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    what was the problem with G3258s, Non-Z boards, and their BIOSes?


      in the thread mcupdate_GenuineIntel, prevents some 4th Gen processors from installing windows 10, someone speaking on behalf of Intel says


      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation


      According to our information, since this is a problem related to the microcode of the BIOS, the option in order to fix this issue will be to check with the manufacturer of the board, in order to verify if they developed a BIOS version that will be fully operational with the microcode of the processor.

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      what exactly was the problem with these non-Z boards? was it the ability to OC?


      sorry if this comes off as a bit perturbed-sounding, but i'm frustrated that it seems that this is the only reason i couldn't (and still can't) install Win10 on my B85. the very last build before RTM was released could sustain multi-week x264 encode sessions (+complex video filter chains) as well as game with complete stability.


      the whole point of buying a Pentium is for the reason of frugality. the (at the time $20+ ...as much as 33% more) Z motherboard tax defeats that a lot. my use case was very thread-limited, so the 2-3x budget of an i5 or greater K series was completely unjustified


      so please, are there legitimate reasons you thought there were problems with all of these motherboards? mine hadn't had a BIOS update in 1.5 years or so (and i'm pretty sure many others hadn't either), so it seems users didn't have a problem, either.