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    BSOD || machine check exception caused by cpu cores


      I bought a new PC last month and yesterday when I wanted to close photoshop, my pc froze and I suddenly got a BSOD with the notification machine check exception. After a lot of trail and error I'm now at the point that if I only use 2 cpu cores on the PC, the PC just works, but if I use 3, the PC stays stuck on startup and at 4 I get the error again.


      The problem is still not clear, I think because there are too many factors involved.



      CPU temp is 37

      MB temp is 40



      MB: msi z270 M3

      Processor: I5 7600K

      Ram: corsair ddr4 vengeance lpx 2x8gb 3000 c15

      PS: 700ww

      GC: GTX 1070 Jetstream (factory OC)



      I've tried With 1 memory to test all slots, All components removed, Bios to update Reset bios to default settings Volts on the cpu to increase and then activate 1 core and then 2 cores (same results) Windows reinstallation Ram tested and got a good result. Deleted all hdds / ssds (do not have CD / DVD) Fixed boost on / off


      I'm now ragged and do not know what to do

      Http: //www.tomshardware.c...hine-check-exception.html