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    Installing HD630 Drivers on a Winodws 7 Laptop.


      Hi all.


      I bought a new Laptop with an i5 7200U CPU and a Nvidea 950m GPU. It had windows 10 (as expected), so I backed it up and installed windows 7 on top.

      Despite the Laptop manufacturers not officially supporting windows 7, I was able to install most drivers without too much problems.


      I also installed the windows 7 updates until Kabylake compatibility of course jumped up at the end. The one thing I really need now, is the Intel graphic driver.

      I download the drivers on Intel's webpage. Windows 7 is btw. listed under the supported OS's.

      But when I try to install, I get this message

      "Your computer does not meet the minimum requirement for installing the software."


      I should say that I did not install windows 7 as UEFI, but on legacy mode. Could that be it? (Please don't just say yes, unless you are having reason to believe so. It takes many many hours to install everything on a 5400 rpm HDD, including the updates.)


      Is there any way I can install intels drivers on Windows 7? Btw. I also tried an older version of the driver, from 2016. Still does not work. Same error message.

      The Laptop is an Acer E5 575G


      Cheers everyone.