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    Google Earth Pro 3D view hangs, but app window and menu still work


      We have had issues with Intel Graphics on our Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and 4's using Google Earth Pro. By default Google Earth Pro uses DirectX for rendering, and after opening it you can browse in the 3D view and move around for a few minutes and then it hangs. The entire app does not hang, because the menu bar and side bar still respond.  The workaround for this is to switch to OpenGL mode, however when opening the app it prompts (every time) to switch to DirectX with no way to override the warning.  I have posted this issue to Google with no helpful response and their troubleshooting steps do not help.  I have also posted this to Microsoft's Feedback Hub for Windows 10 (over a year ago). So now I am posting here, hoping that somebody from Intel may be able to reproduce this error and help get it fixed.