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    Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3RYH No Video Output



      Attached my details. OS Windows 7-64 bit.


      The order of the issues:

      1. NUC came in to me empty

      2. Installed with Win7-64 bit via USB no issue, detected in my TV Samsung SmartTV via HDMI port (mini HDMI converter to HDMI, then a HDMI cable to TV)

      3. Updates Intel Graphic Drivers, then issue arises

      4. Left for 24 hours to run then connect to TV no video output

      5. Thought connector got bang out, buy a new one, same, no video output

      6. Tried MiniDP to HDMI Converter, no video output

      7. Luckily my teamviewer unattended setup is set in place, I can do remote. But no video output

      8. Update all, bios and everything, still no video output

      9. Tried pressing power off button, and then press again for 3 seconds wait for the blue turned amber, still no video output.


      I need video output. What is your suggestion? Thanks