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    Cannot create raid volume using 8TB Drives


      I'm trying to create a raid volume using 2 drives that show in the Intel RST app as sata disks but when I try to create a raid volume the drives do not appear. Below are three images, the first showing the first drive properties. The second image show the first step when creating a raid volume (raid 1). The third shows only the SSD and the 1TB availble to add to new volume.


      I've also tried to create the volume during boot sequence <ctrl I> and select both drives as Raid 1 volume.  However when doing so the drives appear as 3200Gb drives not 8Tb and when windows boots the volume is not created.


      Finally I'm running Intel RST Version


      I have not have difficulty creating raid volumes on this system using smaller/older drives. I'm wondering if I'm having issues because of the size or newness of the drives.