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    Intermittent hangs on R2208GZ4GC server running 2012R2




      A customer of ours has an Intel R2208GZ4GC server which is running Windows Server 2012 R2 as the host OS.  It has 2 x SSDs (configured as RAID 1 for the OS) and 5 x 600GB SATA 6G drive.  There are two VMS also running 2012 R2.


      The BIOS is at 2.06.0005 which is the latest for the hardware and the RAID firmware is also up to date.  The latest updates have been applied to both the host and guest operating systems.


      The server has hung every 24-48 hours for the last 5 days.  There were no previous problems and nothing changed preceding the hangs ( that I know of at least!).  The symptoms are:


      • Server appears to stop normal operation.
      • If you hit CTRL+ALT+DEL on the console you get the login screen but can get no further.
      • All connections to the guest VMs die.
      • There are no entries in the Windows event log during the hung period.
      • There are no preceding entries in the Windows event log which suggest there is a problem.
      • The system status LED (triangle) is flashing green, but an examination of the SEL suggests this is to do with a detected issue with power supply redundancy.  Both PSUs are working fine so this is probably a red herring.
      • There are no other entries in the SEL which would suggest any problems.
      • The only cure is a power-cycle.


      Grateful for any suggestions on what we could try next to isolate the problem.