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    Freezes and lag on Joule


      I'm working with the Intel Joule 550x and ZR300 dev kit. I followed all the instructions here to setup the ZR300 and Ubuntu 16.04:


      How to Connect the Intel® RealSense™ Camera ZR300 to the Intel®...


      I'm able to run the samples, but I'm having some serious speed issues and am experiencing frequent lag and freezes. Running htop I see the the CPUs are only at 3-10% when these occur. Running iotop it shows that there's 5-6 processes running at 99.99% IO> when the freezes occur - I assume this is the problem. There seems to be plenty of free memory.


      It's rendering the Joule unusable for me... I can't install anything, run the examples consistently for longer than 10s, or browse chromium without the freezes/lag occurring - and this is a huge priority for us.


      Can anyone help with this? Thanks.