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    HD 4000 Card does not want to extend to three monitors simultaneously


      Good day


      I have a dell latitude e6330

      3.0 ghz intel dual core i7 - 3540m

      It has a intel HD graphic Card 4000

      OS - Windows 8


      I have a VGA slot and Mini HDMI

      Screen 1 - Mobile PC display (Laptop screen)  - Connecting interface - N/A

      Screen 2 - Samsung syncmaster p2450 - 24INCH - Connector interface - HDMI

      screen 3 -  Hp 17inch - connecting interface VGA


      Machine does not have a display port only VGA AND MINI HDMI


      I am trying to extend my screen to all desktops , however it does not allow me . i see all three but cannot all three at the same time


      I can have screen 1 and screen 2 , but then screen 3 defaults to "disconnect this display"

      I can have screen 2 and screen 3 , but then screen 1 defaults to "disconnect this display"

      I can have screen 3 and screen 1 , but then screen 2 defaults to "disconnect this display"


      I have tried every combination under screen resolution . however I cannot get this to work


      I would like to extend all three screens


      Thank you