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    NUC 6CAYH wake on USB, IR with Ubuntu 16.04


      I have a NUC6CAYH running Ubuntu 16.04 with a 4.8.0-51-generic kernel.


      I would like to wake from suspend (S3, I think) when a key is pressed on the USB keyboard.  Ideally, it would also wake via IR remote, but I am not that hopeful about IR.


      Here is a StackExchange question about the lack of USB devices in /proc/acpi/wakeup:

      ubuntu - USB devices missing from /proc/acpi/wakeup - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


      I have the same problem.  I see no USB devices in /proc/acpi/wakeup.


      Any tips about how to enable wake via USB on Ubuntu would be appreciated.  (I supposed it is possible I just need to wait for a newer kernel version, as I believe this model of NUC was launched only recently in Q4'16.)


      Regarding wake via IR, I suspect (based on other Intel community discussion threads) that wake via IR requires:


      1) A model of IR remote that sends out a "correct" power on IR code.

      2) A compatible BIOS version.

      3) The correct BIOS settings.

      4) Booting Windows at least once to "install" the "correct" code in the hardware prior to suspend.


      I doubt my remote is "correct" (unfortunately changing remotes is not an option), I don't know about my BIOS, and booting into Windows is not an option.


      Any tips or pointers to documentation about how to enable wake on IR in Ubuntu would also be appreciated.  (But as I said above, I am not hopeful.)