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    S2600GZ power redundancy fault reported but both PSUs working


      We recently acquired a R2312GZ4GCSAS server which I have rebuilt with a new OS, drivers, etc. However, I noticed a flashing warning light on the front panel and upon investigation I discovered that the server sensors think that the two PSUs are not redundant. I performed a test by removing the power cable from each PSU in turn and the server handled running off a single PSU fine. I know it detected the power cable being removed because the fans spun up each time and returned to normal when the power cable was replaced.


      How does the server determine if the PSUs are redundant and what can be done to fix what appears to be an erroneous message?


      ASC also shows an "!" on the power icon but all SEL events are closed.


      Server: Intel Server System R2312GZ4GCSAS
      CPUs: 2 x Intel E5 2620 v2

      RAM: 16GB

      OS: Windows 2012 R2

      BIOS: latest version applied (SE5C600.86B.02.06.0005.080320162159)
      BMC: latest version applied (1.27.9958)