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    DP55WB has a series of persistent problems


      I am having hard time using intel DP55WB motherboard for my desktop computing as it has some peristent problems ( no only me facing these but some of my peers facing these as well with their systems )


      * CPU Themal margin monitoring is realtively quiet poor and MB reads it 0 very frequently causing stock cooler fan to spin at max RPM , resulting annoying noise level ( this issue can be reproduced with any DP55WB & DP55WG board ), though rebooting can help to bring back it to normal operation


      * Video goes out some time and results Inoperable situation where user can't use workstation unless config jumper was not set to 2-3 from 1-2 ,  I am pretty sure that its not an issue with the graphic card neither RAM as they have worked perfectly on some other boards from third part vendors i.e ASUS , Gigabyte .


      Updating BIOS firmware doesn't help phasing out above issues , I have tried 122 , 165 & 190 as well


      I was wondering about the QA check and the stress test cases performed over these boards before passing to production as these issues can be reproduced quiet easily , being an end user its annoying to observe these issues very frequently , on the other hand we cant emphasise people to reboot the systems just because CPU FAN is spinning on all time high .


      worst part is that recommendations can't be made to use these motherboards for day to day computing after seeing all these issues , there is no assurance whether host will work fine after reboot or not


      I would really appreciate if someone can suggest proper and permanent solution of this