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    Announcement: Simple Autonomous Wheeled Robot (SAWR)


      I recently open-sourced a hardware/software design for a RealSense-enabled Simple Autonomous Wheeled Robot that can do autonomous navigation (SLAM) with ROS Kinetic.  The build instructions currently are only for the UP Board/R200 combo in the Intel Robotic Development Kit (RDK) but it can also be built with a Joule/ZR300 combination - the laser-cut frame includes all the mounting points for either, or even a Joule/R200 combo.   See images below.   The software setup is pretty basic for now, as I wanted to keep the initial release relatively simple, but I'm working on various enhancements.   However, it does run ROS and can do map-building with gmapper and autonomous navigation with move-base.  It's also possible to run the RealSense object and person detection libraries on it.


      The UP Board/R200 (RDK) version:

      2017-04-12 13.14.28.jpg

      The Joule/ZR300 version:

      2017-04-20 13.06.32.jpg