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    82573L Pro1000PL Driver Issues, update kills MAC? Unable to roll-uninstall re inst pfrev older drivers


      Intel Detection Updated drivers Killed 8 PDSBM-LN2+ Supermicros arrghh 82573L Pro1000PL Driver Issues, v 14.8 & 15.1.1 update kills MACs? Have to Manually enter MAC, WTF! Unable to roll-uninstall re inst prev older drivers? Uninstalled, cleaned out, tried reinstall of v10.5, no good, uninstalled that, tried 9.x nope. This happened using INtels Detection tool & recommended updates, this has killed 8 (Eight!!) Supermicro PDSBM-LN2+ based servers. Searching through these forums I see where there is an issue, older? Chips or not this is not acceptable