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    Intel Integrated Sensor Hub Driver leaking memory on non-paged pool


      My 3 month old Dell Inspiron 5378 was thrashing the SSD from now and then, this prompted me to check the memory usage and I found that the non-paged pool was sitting at 5.3Gbytes which is unusual.

      Long story short, I used poolmon.exe and found out that the Intel Integrated Sensor Hub Driver (ISH.sys) is gobbling up the non-paged pool. A restart will reset the memory usage, but you can see it creeping up as time goes by. I have not identified what specifically triggers the memory leak in the driver, but it has been consistently triggered by launching Adobe Premier Pro from my experience.


      Uninstalling the driver fixes this memory leak issue and now my non-paged pool idles at a healthy 270Mbytes.


      My system is running on the newest drivers provided by Dell, and the Intel Integrated Sensor Hub Driver installed is Chipset_Driver_7CTG1_WN32_3.1.0.3363_A01.EXE provided by Dell. Maybe you Intel engineers can look into this, because this memory leak can paralyze computers.


      Thanks and regards.