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    Does the intel-drm support the SVM through the IOMMU and PASID?


      Hi, I am a newbie on the intel-gfx and tries to use the shared virtual memory

      which is mentioned in several intel documents (vt-d and Intel-gfx-prm).

      Following the above two documents,

      shared virtual memory is supported as part of VT-d functionality, and

      in detail, IOMMU walks the PASID table and translates the virtual address to physical address

      for the PCIe connected devices including the integrated GPUs.


      Following the Intel document ,

      It seems that clSVMAlloc is a OpenCL function for zero copy,

      but after I've checked the repository of the opencl-intel (beignet),

      I found that it never calls any driver functions for managing  PASID table.

      Is the current intel-gfx supports the shared virtual memory

      through the IOMMU and PASID?

      If the clSVMAlloc is not a right library function for SVM through

      PASID and IOMMU, is there a function that satisfies my intention?


      Best regards