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    CPU fried? Excessive High Core Voltage


      Hi everyone. I am using Q6600 for several years. Two days ago, I disassembled the whole system and did a cleaning,

      took out the CPU from the socket for inspection, re-apply thermal paste.


      After assembled the system back, it didn't turn on. At last, I figured out one of the socket PIN was bent and touched another PIN.

      I managed to repair the PIN. Then the system booted and worked fine, without any hang up or random re-boot during my two-day use.


      However, I notice some strange readings of the system. The Core Voltage is 1.98 V, which according to Intel, is way above the 1.5 V limit.

      The 5 V, 12 V are also more than 5% more than the rated voltage. I remember before the cleaning, it is about 1-2% variation.

      In addition, the temperature of CPU at idle and full load is 10 deg Celsius higher than before.


      I am curious whether the CPU or Motherboard or PSU is broken?

      I have anther PSU at home, can be used for troubleshooting. But I am afraid of collateral damage,

      will the PSU be affected and go broken if the motherboard / CPU was already fried ?


      Cpu 04.jpg