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    Global Shutter Camera


      Dear all,


      Does Intel (or one of its partners) plan to release a camera module for the Joule that has a global shutter camera sensor instead of a rolling shutter (like the modules available from Gumstix)?


      Having a global shutter sensor is very important for many computer vision/robotics applications like 3d reconstruction or SLAM, and the Joule is ideally suited for this kind of products, so I think it would be a very useful extension to the Joule ecosystem.


      Gumstix already offers a camera module with the Aptina MT9V032 global shutter sensor (caspa vl ) but sadly that module only interfaces with Gumstix's own Overo compute modules and not the Joule.


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          Hi michael_p,


          Thanks for your interest in the Intel® Joule™ Platform.


          I'm part of the technical support team for the Intel® Joule™, so unfortunately, I don't know about any plans to release a camera module for the Joule that has a global shutter.


          What I can tell you is that the new Intel® Realsense™ Camera ZR300 is made to be used with the Intel® Joule™ with the purpose of building applications for embedded or robotic platforms. If you will like more information about the ZR300, I would encourage you to follow this link Intel® RealSense™ Development Kit Featuring the ZR300 - Intel® RealSense™ Developer Kits .


          Hope you find this information useful, have a nice day!


          Best Regards,
          -Jose P.