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    GMA 4500MHD Graphic Card issue with Maya 2010


      I am using HP dv-6 1334us which intergraded with Intel GMA 4500MHD.


      When I run Maya 2010, the mouse selection area does not show up. ( mouse left botton hold down and drag; you suppose to see square selection area.)

      Also, "Laso Tool" and "Cut Face Tool" do not show the guide line that suppose to show up.


      I found that when I disable my graphic diver, it works but I get low resolution at the same time....


      I guess I've tried every graphic driver installed that I can possibly install in my laptop.

      However, none of them solve my problem..


      Does anyone know about this issue?

      I tried everything I can do to solve this problem but I have nothing so far.

      it almost makes me to not get a computer comes with intel graphic card.


      please help me out...