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    Micro-SD IP4856CX25 (U1)




      I am trying to build up an expansion board for my project.   Your reference design is using the IP4856CX25/CZ chip.   It seems that there is no inventory on this chip anywhere.   See https://octopart.com/ip4856cx25%2Fcz-nxp+semiconductors-34971082 .  


      Do you have an alternate chip design that would be compatible with the current OS's?  





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          In my search for alternative to IP4856CX25, which btw has a 24 week lead time (available 10/17/17), the alternative chips are:


          1.  NXP NVT4857UKZ - Nothing available.

          2.  TI TXS0206  -   Quantity available on digikey


          Going with TXS0206 - Can you help me mapping the connections from the Joule to the Chip.   Here is a snap shot of the schematic from TI datasheet.  I am trying to map the expansion board connections to this chip but having problems with pin functionality.   I gave it a shot with text in red that maps to the expansion board schematic.    But I am very confused on DIR_0, DIR_1_3, DIR_CMD, SEL pins.   


          Appreciate any help someone can offer.







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            Accidently hit Correct Answer and it not answered.  How do I fix that?

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi Don,

              Thanks for contacting us.

              Unfortunately, the custom boards are out of the scope of this technical support team. Nevertheless, the recommendation that I can give you is to check the datasheet of the IP4856CX25 (http://assets.nexperia.com/documents/data-sheet/IP4856CX25_C.pdf) to know exactly the function of each pin, and compare them with your chip's pins.

              It looks like that you have to connect the pin SDCARD_CMD to the CMDA pin of your chip. And about the pins that you are confused, DIR_0, DIR_1_3, DIR_CMD, it seems that they are used to determine if a command and data signals are transferred from the memory card to the host (card read mode) or from the host to the memory card (card write mode).

              I hope you find this information helpful.

              Leonardo R.