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    Intel Display Audio (USB C to HDMI) Sound stuttering



      I get sound errors while using my laptop in the given scenario. This just happens while using a "passive" usb c to hdmi adapter, then windows says its using "Intel Display Audio" to play the sound.

      Same setup but using a usb c dock and its hdmi connection there are no sound issues. But then windows uses some "HP USB Audio", so its a different kind of audio system.

      I want to be able to use the small adapter aswell, not bring the big one everytime. Please help.

      The issue is kind of hard to describe. Its like the sound stops or mutes for a second or so, then everything plays normal and after sometime (had everything between 2-30 seconds happening) it happens again.


      The Laptop is a


      HP EliteBook Folio G1





      Intel(R) Core(TM) m5-6Y54 CPU @ 1.10GHz



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi, , Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Graphics communities.


          In this case normally we recommend to use an active adapter in order to avoid any type of performance problems, the passive adapters sometimes could show some issues on some systems.


          Please try to install the latest graphics drivers provided by HP, I looked for them but there are different versions for  HP EliteBook Folio G1. A BIOS update to the latest version will be a good thing to try as well, but before trying that it will be better to check with HP directly to get the instructions of how to do it and to confirm which is the latest version for your system. Additionally if you get in contact with them, they might be able to provide a list of tested peripherals that could include some USB-C to HDMI adapters:


          The processor works with Intel® HD Graphics 515, just in case, on the link below you will find the latest Intel® graphics driver for you to try it, 4664:


          Please let me know the results of trying the driver above.


          Any further questions, please let me know.



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            Hello Alberto, thanks for your reply.


            The driver was shown as not compatible and that i should use the manufacturer branded one. After reading the steps on the Intel error page i forced the installation of the .4664 driver. But this seems to have changed nothing, problem is still the same. Also i ordered a new cable (thought the small adapter might just be bad) so i got one of the few usb c to hdmi in one cable (got one from choetech, which should fully support 1080p and even 4k at 60hz). But then again i had to realize that this does not work at all. TV shows no signal input and Windows reports a USB 2.0 Billboard Device, which after some reading, seems to be the way to tell that the Alternate Mode Usage failed to initalise. Thats weird because I thought that the Folio G1 should support Alternate Mode..

            Well I will leave this open and try HP again, but i dont have good faith in their customer support. Called them up before i bought the adapters in the first place to sort out some understanding issues on my side and their replies were a joke and not customer friendly. Also their Softpaq Updating System is a joke, reporting packets for my configuration which then fail to install and report that they are incompatible etc..


            Maybe you have any other idea?

            tl;dr: new driver, old issues. HP USB C Travel Dock (reported as HP USB AUDIO) works without issues, HP USB C TO HDMI (reported as INTEL DISPLAY AUDIO) has outages every few seconds and always takes up to three seconds to play audio when a video is paused and played again.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi, , Thank you very much for providing all that information, we really appreciate that.

              In this case the best thing to do will be to wait for HP's support to provide further details about this subject, hopefully they will be able to provide additional information in order to confirm if this is a compatibility problem with the adapters and if there is a different workaround or options to make it work. From our side, based on the information you gave us, the problem seems to be related the "passive" USB-C to HDMI adapter.
              The USB-C dock is an active adapter and the fact that the laptop works with it with no problems eliminates any type of problem related to the Intel graphics driver.

              Any questions, please let me know.