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    How to read barcode from the USB camera attached to Galileo Gen2


      Hi There,


      After struggling a lot finally I need to come here to post my question.


      On my Galileo Gen 2 board I have installed the Debian 7.11 OS following the link Installing Debian on the Intel Galileo – Allyn H


      I have a Sony USB camera which I have plugged into Galileo Gen 2 and I am able to take pictures from it. For enabling the camera I followed this link Streaming USB Webcam With the Intel Galileo Gen 2: 5 Steps


      My requirement is to scan/read the barcode from the image taken by the camera. For reading barcode I installed SimpleCV and Zbar library but I am not able to import SimpleCV in python and getting the error "Illegal instruction". I think SimpleCV is made only for RaspberryPi not for Intel Galileo.


      Please tell me which library is supported to read barcode from Galileo Gen 2 having Linux Debian OS.

      And also let me know which link or blog  should I follow to follow the procedure on library installation.


      Could someone please help me with this. I would greatly appreciate the help and Thanks in advance !!