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    Integrated graphics controller in D3 low power still crashes the system


      This looks like an unfortunate redux of long-standing problem with Intel integrated graphics controller.

      I've been using a couple of Intel MB and CPU with integrated graphics, running Windows 7 x64, for quite long time (since 2011 or so), and from the beginning, they've been plagued with mysterious crashes. Most often, the box went to some kind of global memory corruption: the screen gets covered with running garbage, then the CPU hits NMI and then SMBIOS shuts the box down to S5, and then turns it back on after a second.

      Sometimes, though, it crashed with old good BSOD. In the memory dump you could find that it crashed because of strange memory corruption. I tried to disable C-states in CPU (as someone suggested), but that didn't help much.


      Then this thread appeared on OSRONLINE forum:


      OSR's ntdev List: Memory Corruption Mystery: Any Ideas?


      One of the posters found out that the crashes are linked with allowing the display with Intel integrated graphics go to sleep. As long as the display sleep was disabled, the system was OK. I checked an old memory dump and found that the corruption in it matches the description. After that discovery, I simply disabled the integrated graphics and put an add-on graphics card to the system. Crashes stopped.


      Then I decided to decommission the big noisy box and replace it with NUC7i3BN, running Windows 10 x64. And now I'm seeing similar crashes again. I come to the box to find the display in low power. Hit a key to wake it up, and instead of that, it simply reboots, without leaving a memory dump. One time, similar reboot happened after S3 sleep. I had to disable display sleep.


      So it looks like the problem is still present.