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    NUC717BNH - Installation of Windows 7 to m.2 SSD continually interrupts


      This morning I installed a Windows 7 iso to a flash drive - no problem. I start the installation process on my new NUC - no problem.The installation proceeds without a hitch all the way to the "finishing up" screen - at which point it reboots. Then it either wants to start the process all over again (if I keep the flash drive in) or else refuses to finish the process and goes to the windows didn't close properly screen. In other words, the installation process never goes all the way to the end (screen name, activation, etc). I've tried over and over and now have 6 or 7 incomplete windows installations on the drive. I've never had this problem where the installation goes nearly all the way to the end and then won't complete. I'm stumped. Can somebody PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks.


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