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    KabyLake PCI Express Root Port #10 - A2B1  not updated/working


      I just bought a i7 7700k with a tomahawk z270 msi Mobo and KabyLake PCI Express Root Port #10 - A2B1  not updated/working. When I go into device manager it shows the hazard icon. My computer is running worse then my previous amd processor/mobo and i also upgraded my graphic cards. Im wondering if this is the issue, either way id like to fix it. I am struggle to find the correct chipset drivers and bios drivers for this. Also I was a windows 7 upgrade to windows 10 and I read somewhere there was a issue maybe with windows 7 stuff so I also did a disk clean up already. If anyone can help with info/ help me find the right chipset/bios driver or upgrades that would be great!!