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    3D Scan live stream




      I am currently on a project where we have a server which starts the scan process but we need to stream back the preview images being generated. I'm a bit lost on how to encode the video and send it back to the client. I know it's possible to get preview images (Intel.RealSense.Image objects) but I'm not sure how to proceed from there.


      The communication between client-server is currently via HTTP and is to be displayed on an html page. I was thinking on using DASH but then I guess I should encode the Image objects and send them somehow?


      I'm a bit lost with this (I've never worked with video encoding/streaming). Any help would be appreciated !




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          Have you seen this page of the documentation, which provides scripts for each aspect of raw stream processing?


          SDK R2 documentation

          Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R2 Documentation


          SDK R3 documentation

          Raw Stream Capturing and Processing | Intel® Software

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            Is this the same/does it work when working with the 3D module? I'm looking for something similar to the 3DScan sample, but in there they don't use raw stream, they get the image directly from the Scan object... Is there a big difference on the result obtained?


            /* Get preview image from the 3D Scan video module */

                                        Image preview_image = scan.PreviewImage;


            And from there you can get the byte array.


            I think I'm actually a bit confused with what comes after... Sending this byte array to be displayed somewhere else (I'm not sure on the methodology of streaming.. I'm guessing you send frame by frame and that's all)



            Thank you

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Tomás, 

              I’ll be needing more time to investigate if the Raw Stream Capturing and Processing can be used with the 3D module.

              As soon as I have relevant information I’ll contact you through this post.

              Thank you for your patience.

              Andres V.

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                Once you have the preview image RGB data (the image from the 3DScan preview is the same basic structure as the images you get from raw streams), your problem is the same as any other live video streaming solution. You'll probably have better luck looking/asking elsewhere for the actual network streaming part (ie, everything after you have the RGB array) of it as it isn't RealSense specific.

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                  Hello Tomás,

                  As jb455 kindly mentioned, the data you want to stream shouldn’t be treated any different than any other data.

                  That makes the issue more oriented to client-server multimedia streaming, something that is out of the scope of this technical support team.

                  I’m not familiar with the client-server multimedia streaming subject, but you may want to check this link:


                  If you have any other question related to RealSense Technology, don’t hesitate to contact us.

                  Have a nice day.

                  Andres V.

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                    Ooohh okay, thank you both! I was really wondering if there was anything particular to it or I could just treat it directly.