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    NUC7i7BNH.  Restart issue




      When I restart my nuc, it fails to boot and gets stuck on an almost old style snow screen.  However, if I power it off, then back on, boots fine.


      i downloaded the newest bios, etc.  However, the intel ime and graphics refuse to update.  Perhaps my issue right there?  Anyone else have issues with the newest software?  Btw, running win10 pro.

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          about IME and chipset (not graphic) you mean  there are something wrong with date/version number within those updates, check regedit what version they are at...

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello Nuketroop,

            Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

            Can you please provide the following information to better assist you?

            • BIOS version:
            • Did you make any change in the BIOS settings? If yes, please load defaults (F9) & save & exit (F10).
            • Is there any USB device connected to the Intel® NUC when you restart it?
            • Intel® Management Engine Firmware version: (Go to BIOS > Home > click on the arrow located on the right side of the screen > Other Information > Intel® Management Engine Firmware)
            I hope to hear from you soon.

            Best Regards,
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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Nuketroop,

              I was reviewing this thread and I wanted to know if you need further assistance?

              Best Regards,

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                That seems to have fixed itself, however, I show 2 updates in the intel utility which will not install (Most of the updates DID install).  Opps, interesting, now as I type this, I notice the utility show none available where the other day showed a wireless and graphics updates.  But they would not install.  Then I updated the utility itself (v2.8.1.9).


                Current specs:


                Reference Number:   0393 1011 print  save



                Intel System Identification Utility Reference Number: 0393 1011

                Date Created: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 8:44:57 AM


                Collapse/Expand SYSTEM INFORMATION

                Computer Manufacturer Intel Corporation

                Computer Model NUC7i7BNB

                Operating System (O/S) Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit

                Operating System Build (O/S) 15063

                Operating System (version) 10.0.15063

                O/S Language 0409

                System RAM 32 GB

                .NET Framework Version 4.6.2

                CD or DVD Device

                System Hard Drive Overview

                System Total Storage Size: 1.9 TB

                Physical Drive 0


                Model HGST HTS721010A9E630

                Bus Type SATA

                Physical Drive 1


                Model Crucial_CT1050MX300SSD4

                Bus Type SATA

                Solid State Drive Firmware Version 50MX_M0C

                Local Disk D:\ 931.4 GB

                Used space: 43.8 GB

                Free Space: 887.6 GB

                Local Disk C:\ 977.5 GB

                Used space: 138.1 GB

                Free Space: 839.5 GB

                Memory Detail

                Total Physical Memory 32 GB

                Available Physical Memory 27.8 GB

                Total Virtual Memory 2.0 GB

                Internet Browser [101] Internet Explorer

                Internet Browser Version [101] 11.483.15063.0

                Collapse/Expand GRAPHICS INFORMATION

                Graphics Product [1] Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 650

                Graphics Driver Version

                3D Acceleration Yes

                Hardware Transform & Lighting Support Yes

                Video Memory 4.0 GB

                Vertex Shader Support 5.1

                Pixel Shader Support 5.1

                Microsoft DirectX* Version 11.0

                Current Graphics Resolution 3840x2160

                Current Color Depth 32 Bits Per Pixel

                Collapse/Expand MOTHERBOARD INFORMATION

                Manufacturer not detected

                Model NUC7i7BNB

                AA Number J31145-302

                BIOS Vendor Intel Corp.

                BIOS Version Intel Corp. BNKBL357.86A.0045.2017.0417.1728

                BIOS Release Date

                System Memory 32 GB

                Sound Card Intel(R) Display Audio

                Collapse/Expand PROCESSOR INFORMATION

                Manufacturer Intel

                Model Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7567U CPU @ 3.50GHz

                Intel Processor analysis tools Intel Processor analysis tools

                CPU Speed 3.5 GHz

                Link to Processor Specification Link to Processor Specification

                CPU Revision

                CPU Type 00

                CPU Family 06

                CPU Model 8E

                CPU Stepping 9

                Collapse/Expand WIRED NETWORKING INFORMATION

                Wired Networking Product Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (4) I219-V

                Driver Version

                Hardware IDs PCI\VEN_80?86&DEV_15D?8&SUBSYS_2?0688086&RE?V_21


                Collapse/Expand WIRELESS NETWORKING INFORMATION

                Wireless Networking Product Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265

                Driver Version

                Hardware IDs BTH\MS_RFCOMM


                Thank you!


                -Tom Wood

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hi Nuketroop,

                  Thank you for the information.

                  It is recommended to download and install drivers manually.

                  Please don't hesitate in contacting us back if you need further assistance.

                  Juan V.