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    NUC5i3RYH wont boot after 0362 update, when USB3 disk attached


      I updated the BIOS to 0362 via Windows, and also tried reflashing via F7 menu.


      The NUC will refuse to boot when my external usb3 HDD is connected. The Intel NUC BIOS logo will show, but after 15 seconds or so, the NUC will reboot again, going in an endless reboot cycle. Removing the USB3 HHD, the NUC boots as normal, immediately showing the F2/F7 BIOS menu in the bottom right of the screen.


      I tried plugging the USB3 HDD into different ports, but the issue persists.


      After downgrading back to 0361, the NUC boots as normal, while the USB3 HDD is connected.


      If I am in the 0362 Visual BIOS and I connect the USB3 HDD, the graphs and clock freeze, and the BIOS will not respond to any keypresses. When I remove the USB3 HDD, everything starts working again.