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    Second SSD RAID1 on Intel RST drops out of RAID


      Hi guys,


      We have 2 identical Servers, Asus TS300-E9/PS4 (P10S-E/4L motherboard).

      They are all running Windows 10 PRO 64 bits.

      TheTS300-E9/PS4 / P10S-E/4L configs are Xeon E3-1220v5 with 16GB RAM + 2 SSD 512GB AData and 2 x WD20EFRX.

      They are all configured with SSD RAID1 + WD RAID 1 on board.

      On all of the servers the 2nd SSD after a few weeks of the servers being online drops out of the RAID. We have Intel RST driver installed. All Bios and chipset driver are up to date.

      This only happens in the 2nd SSD. The RAID array on the HDD is normal and working.


      We have unpluged the SSD and tested them and they are working fine.


      Please advise what can be the reason for this?

      Any ideas?