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    Does Intel RAID5(chip612) are not compatible with Win10 Pro OS.


      Recently, my system having an issue is when I cold boot my system will hang at BIOS post screen, if leave it system for one mins the system will auto shutdown.

      But, if i change Win10 to Enterprise version this issue will not occur again, i just wonder does build with Intel RAID5 are not support with Win10 Pro OS,  only for Win10 Enterprise, please help to confirm.


      M/B model:

      Supermicro X10DRG-Q(BIOS:R2.0B / BMC:R3.45)


      SW environment:

      1. 3HDDs plug into SSATA and build as RAID 5.

      2. Install OS is Win10_64bit(UEFI mode)

      3. Intel RAID driver v4.3.0.1223


      Repro step confirmed with customer side:

      1. Setup iSATA/SSATA RAID option ROM as EFI mode.

      2. Create RAID5 with Intel RAID utility inside the BIOS

      3. Install Win10 with UEFI mode using Win10 USB

      4. Boot into OS and shutdown system.

      5. Unplug power cable and discharge power.

      6. Power on system, then will occur the hang at BIOS post issue.