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    DX58SO motherboard accessories


      Hi all


      I recently bought Intel's excellent Smackover X58 motherboard. However it was missing the SLi connector. I checked with nVidia and they said that all SLi-certified motherboards ship with the connector but I didn't get one. Any idea where I can obtain the necessary part?


      Second, my IOH temps are ridiculously high despite being in a well-ventilated case. Page 37 of the manual refers to an included IOH fan, but again there was no such ietm included. Any suggestions as to where I can get one of these?


      Intel themselves have been useless with any kind of assistance. They sent me on a wild goose chase for a CPU fan not an IOH fan, and the support guy didn't even know what SLi was!


      Any info you could provide would be most welcome!