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    i2c not working for my (long stable) program with latest upgrade. What do I do?


      My program has many users and was written to work with a custom install dated 2/11/2015 called BlueZ4.  The custom install added FTDI drivers.  The latest build includes FTDI drivers so I tried it.  It will not run.  I get this error


      /home/root/nmea: error while loading shared libraries: libmraa.so.0: cannot open

      shared object file: No such file or directory


      If I do the following it will run but the i2c part of the program just produces errors. 


      cd /usr/lib

      ln -s libmraa.so.1 libmraa.so.0


      It will run with that addition but it will not work.  All the i2c commands produce errors.  Here are the return values.


      mraa_init(), SUCCESS.  MRAA return value is 0

      rx_tx_buf0 ,Return Value is 45

      rx_tx_buf1 ,Return Value is 8

      rx_tx_write ,Return Value is 99

      mraa_i2c_read, Return Value is -1


      My program runs fine and has for more than 2 years including all the i2c commands but it will not work with the latest changes to mraa.


      I am running an Eclipse environment.  I don't want to do something that breaks the code for my users who are using the older OS but I need to add some UDP features that do not work with the old OS.


      I hope someone can guide me in the right direction.