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    DG965WH Black Screen Immediately After POST, No Recovery BIOS Updates


      I am able to get into BIOS, edit setting, reset to defaults, change boot order, and any other normal BIOS function. With or without any boot devices attached, immediately after the Intel splash (and AHCI BIOS text, if active), there is  black screen. No video display, simply a black backlit screen. If I choose a boot device with F10 I get a white cursor, not blinking, indefinitely. The same black screen behind it.


      I have attempted to upgrade the BIOS (it has a 3/2007 BIOS version) to the latest using the recovery methods provided. Removed the jumped, burned the .BIO to a CD, and waited, and nothing happens. The screen stays black (monitor doesn't activate) for about 45 seconds, then I get to the BIOS settings. The same thing happens with a DVD and also a USB drive. I also tried an IDE optical drive instead of SATA.


      Is there anything else I could do to force the BIOS to update, or have the machine see a boot device?


      I refuse to call this board as defective as it powers to BIOS without issue. Thank you all for helping!