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    Any Repair Options For Bricked DG45ID Motherboard?


      Hi All, I own two DG45ID motherboards.  One of them is unrecoverable, will not POST or run the BIOS whatsoever.  That occurred after I changed a BIOS setting for the memory speed, which seemed to be incorrect (displayed 667Mhz with 800Mhz RAM.)  This MoBo has the 079 BIOS, and I discovered in the Intel BIOS Release Update Notes that this issue was known and fixed in the 127 BIOS (as well as an issue with incorrect RAM frequency being displayed, which was fixed in an earlier BIOS release.)


      Is there anything I can do to recover from this problem besides returning the MoBo?  Since this MoBo will not POST, I cannot update the BIOS with any of the methods available, as far as I can tell, or am I wrong?  I thought I would check before returning it.  Otherwise, I love my other DG45ID MoBo (updated to BIOS 127) which had BIOS 097 when new.


      Does anyone know why this MoBo's BIOS seems to be (is) so buggy?  Thanks very much.

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          You should try doing a BIOS recovery. First, remove the battery for 10 minutes to fully clear CMOS. Then, remove the maintenance jumper and power on the system with a flash drive or CD that has the BIO file in the root folder...

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            Hi spearson, Thanks for the suggestion, I have had the battery out for 30 minutes before applying power to the MoBO, but did not try the .bio recovery via CD, etc.  Actually, I have another DG45ID MoBo which is running the PC I am using at this moment.  Frankly, I haven't been motivated to install the bad MoBo in other (working and being used) PC's in my home and I don't have enough components to build another.


            I am skeptical that it is worth the effort, since all that happens when starting a PC with this MoBo in it is the fans will come on for a fraction of a second and then it all shuts down.  This repeats endlessly after a short pause until I turn off the power supply.  It never comes near to POSTing or starting the BIOS.  Also, as stated in the BIOS Update Release Notes file (for the versions of the BIOS, not updating the BIOS) for BIOS Version 0107, "Fixed issue where the system would be unrecoverable if unsuitable manual memory settings are used."  That is what I did, and is the result I apparently have.  To their credit, Intel is not hiding the problem and I greatly appreciate all the documentation that is available.


            Still, your suggestion may work and I likely will try it before returning the MoBo.  I am curious if anyone else has experienced this and if anything worked for them regarding recovering from this issue.  Thanks again.

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              just Contact Intel Customer Support and they will settle your problem..


              go and do a replacement

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                Hi xB2Spiritx, I figured I had no other option in this situation, but in the world of computers you never know.  I know a fair amount about them, but there is far more that I don't know.  I'll be doing what you suggested very soon, thanks much!

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                  Hi parsec, have you had an RMA for your mobo when you called Intel Customer Support? What's your current situation? I'm currently stuck having the same problem. ><