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    DG45FC Problem playing DVDs over HDMI


      I have Windows 7 x64 installed on a DG45FC system which I use as a HTPC connected exclusively over HDMI to my flat panel TV, both for video and sound. The problem I am having is that I canoot play DVDs in Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center reports:

      “Video  Error

      Files  needed to display video are not installed or are not working correctly.  Restart Windows Media Center or restart the computer”


      When I take the computer to my office and connect it to a VGA monitor and headphones, I can play DVDs without problems. Also, I used to have Vista installed on this PC and I was playing DVDs over HDMI without problems.


      I installed the latest bios (v.0127) and Windows 7 display drivers (v. and still get the problem.

      This is very frustrating to me since playing DVDs is a very important function for this system.


      Please inform me if a fix in the works for this issue or how I can inform Intel about this. Any help would be appreciated.


      Similar problem is reported here http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itpromedia/thread/34003120-fa36-4737-9752-30c7def447da but no resolution for me.

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          I do recommend to remove the video drivers currently install on the desktop board and the install these drivers:



          Once you install the drivers try to play the DVDs movies.


          If the problem continues I suggest to install some video codecs for the Windows* Media Player, also, I recommend to try to play your DVDs using a a different software and check if the problem continues.


          Also you can contact your local Intel(R) support group by checking the following URL:



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            I installed the trial version of PowewDVD and it played my DVDs without any problems. However, I really don't want to have to buy the software since I have no need for Blu-ray playback and I do not intend to pay the amount of money they ask for something windows media player should be able to do just fine.

            So, I went on and uninstalled the latest video drivers and installed the drivers you suggested but it didn't solve the problem.

            I'm really disappointed by this and I am starting to feel that maybe Intel is not a reliable company for graphics.

            I just hope they come up with drivers that solve the problem before my trial of PowerDVD expires.

            Please let me know if anybody knows whether a fix is coming or not for this issue.

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              If with Power DVD were able to play DVD movies through the HDMI, this means that this is problem entirely with Windows Media Player software that you are using, not with desktop board video drivers nor with the desktop board itself.


              Did you try to install the Windows* Media player codecs? usually these codecs are free and are provided by Microsoft. You can contact Microsoft for assistance.For more information check here:



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                I cannot play DVDs with windows media player only when I use HDMI both for audio & video. If I don't use HDMI or if I use HDMI only for video the problem doesn't appear.

                I don't have the means or the knowledge to tell with certainty what causes the problem but to me it seems odd to suggest that windows dvd decoder is to blame. Even if this is the case, it seems to me that Intel should be able to make their drivers work with microsoft's decoder as it is or work with Microsoft to make sure that the problem is solved.

                By the way, I installed Windows 7 x64 just a few days ago on my system and I have not tampered with or had any other problems with it to suggest corrupted or missing system files. Plus, it should be easy to reproduce the problem in case you doubt my setup.

                Let me restate the parameters of the problem for clarity

                DG45FC + Win7 x64 + HDMI (audio+video) + WMP/WMC + DVD = Video Error

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                  Dear Intel Support,


                  I am facing exactly the same issue with DG45ID (video BIOS 1940.0, driver Please read full background here:




                  Could Intel make available old video drivers, for example, from last year so I could try them, as they worked fine previously (on Windows 7 RC)?