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    Hello. I'm having problems with new software.


      After installing the latest version Intel SSD ToolBox 3.4.3 and try to start "Intel SSD Optimizer", I get this message1.jpg

      This message continues to appear even after I reboot the computer at the request of the program.


      The same message is output and earlier versions of the program, up to the version of Intel SSD ToolBox 3.3.7

      On versions 3.3.7 and earlier, the program works fine.

      I also noticed that the scale of the remaining life of the drive became too short, if you believe the program. But at the same time the drive usage mode remained the same. The drive is installed only operating system.

      I assumed that the problem will be solved over time in newer software versions, but the problem remains. And I'm worried about the rapidly decreasing residual life of the drive.


      After removing version 3.4.3 and installing version 3.3.7, "Intel SSD Optimizer" works fine,2.jpg

      But I want to keep the software up to date. What is the reason for this problem and how to deal with the rapidly decreasing drive resource?


      Support, I await your response. Thank you.