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    Intel HDGraphics screen freeze when watching video




           I've got notebook Dell Latitude 3540 and also a problem with graphics. My computer freezes quite often like this: WP_20170501_009.jpg


      This problem usually occurs while watching videos on youtube or any other website, but it also happened few times when reading simple webpages in internet. It is quite random - sometimes it occurs after 2 hours, sometimes after 10 minutes, and sometimes my computer also resets.

      It occurs in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. My notebook had originally Windows 7 installed, that I used just for few days and as far as I can say everything worked fine. I noticed this on Windows 8.1, but there was 1 difference - it never occured when using Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1. In windows 10 that I have installed now IE works just the same as any other browser and error occurs.

      I tested everthing with Dell diagnostics software and also furmark and there was no errors. I think this is drivers issuse, because when I set my computer to use Windows Basic Graphics Adapter it works fine, but when I switch to Intel graphics drivers problem returns again. I would normally stay with Windows Basic Graphics Adapter, but when I use it I can't change screen brightness and monitor doesn't fully turn off after 15 minutes (It goes black, but there is also still some light on the edges).

      I tested this with drivers downloaded from manufacturer website (Dell) and from intel website, but there was no change. Right now I use  version, also tried and few older versions from 2016 and 2015 from dell and intel, but none of theme was ok. I have also upgraded bios, tried to use Flash Player instead of html5, but it's still the same.

      It also happend just after few minutes when using MediaCreationTool.exe from Microsoft website to update my os from 8.1 to 10 (until that time I was convinced that only video causes the problem).

      Hardware details:

      Operating System:Microsoft Windows 10 Pro(10.0.15063 Build 15063)
      Physical Memory (Installed):16 GB
      Processor:Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2957U @ 1.40GHz
      System Type:x64-based PC
      System Manufacturer:Dell Inc.
      Disk(s):Patriot Spark ssd 256gb

      I have also second notebook with the same parameters (only disk is smaller  128gb and 8gb ram) and there is the same problem, so it is very unlikely that this is a hardware issue, I am nearly sure this is cause by drivers.


      Is there anything else I can do or any setting I can change to fix that?

      Any ideas?